Match Schedule

The Good Old Boys club holds a field target match on the 2nd Saturdays of each month from March through November. Each match normally consists of a 60 shots. The range normally opens at 8:00 am on match days with the 60 shot Field Target match starting around 9:00 am. Individual match dates may be adjusted due to weather or location change. Match dates may change or other matches may be declared as weather permits, please verify match dates beofre traveling by calling the Match Director or by checking the network54 Field Target Forum.

The 2018 match dates are listed below.

2018 Match Dates
March 11 GOB Monthly Match
April 10 GOB Monthly Match
May 12 GOB Monthly Match
June 9 GOB Monthly Match
July 14 GOB Monthly Match
August 11 GOB Monthly Match
September 8 GOB Monthly Match
October 5-7 AAFTA US Nationals,(Pleasant Hill, NC)
October 13 GOB Monthly Match
November 10 Tennessee State Championships,
60 shot one day match, Invicta FTC, Minor Hill, Tennessee