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Notes from the 2008 GOOD OLE BOY Match

by Roz Sumpter

Prayer does indeed work! Considering that the weather forecast was for rain Friday evening during our scheduled outdoor concert. NOT! A prediction of scattered showers all day Saturday. NOT! It pays to have friends in high places.

For those who arrived on Friday, all were delighted to experience relatively calm wind and overall good sight-in conditions at the range. That evening we continued our traditional pre-match day dinner at Lili's Chinese Buffet, then convened afterward to an area behind the Richland Inn. There Rick Thompson and his Black Rose Band treated all present to more than two hours of enjoyable Pop and Country music. During which, Doug and Vipha Miller tripped both light and heavy fantastic around the dance floor. Additionally, Elizabeth Rushton graced us all with a soulful song solo. It was a good time had by all.

On Saturday, due to the number of competitors not exceeding thirty, we were able to accommodate all on the 'Red' course. This is the course that utilizes a creek and high embankment on the far side. It is also whispered by some to be the Troyer torture course. And I believe it lived up to its reputation this time around as well.

After the match on Saturday, most of us took our evening meal at Legend's Steak House, while a few others stayed at the range to prepare their own steaks on our new propane grill. And for those who were not eager to end the day, a bonfire and 'happy hour' was at their disposal in the sight-in area. It was a proper end to another great day.

Sunday morning dawned with promise of a beautiful sky and light wind. All competitors quickly completed their warm-up shots and appeared eager to engage the 'White' course. This being the suspected feel good, wimpy course prepared by Roz. Surprise, surprise! A moderate number of long shots with smaller than average kill zones will snap you into focus every time.

Our congratulations go out to Kevin Allen for his win in the PCP division. Kevin was especially impressive with his performance on Saturday's Red course. And I couldn't help but notice that Robert Ray continually encouraged Kevin to consume more 'hair of the dog' at Saturday night's happy hour. Make them stronger next time Robert.

With no surprise, Harold Rushton continues to dominate in Piston division. But, Bill Greene's tie score on Saturday had Harold looking over his shoulder on Sunday. Good shooting guys.

As for our Hunter division, the father/son team of Scott and Nikolai Thome was a solid one-two combination. It's always uplifting for our sport when we can have family members participate together. It tends to strengthen the family bond. Especially when the remainder of the family is present to cheer them on as was the case with the Thome family. Keep up the good work.

Speaking of family team work: the A-Team of Hans and Ray Apelles were on hand to compete with their Field Target versions of the Crosman Discovery PCP air rifle. I might add that they drew lots of attention as we were not only allowed to salivate on, but shoot them as well; which caused more salivation. Expect to hear more in near future regarding the Apelles modified Discovery rifle.

As always, it was bitter/sweet to see this year's version of the Good Ole Boys' Championship Match come to an end. We very much appreciate those of you who were able to attend and hope that more are able to do so next year -God willing-. In the interim, we still have the Nationals to look forward to in September. I hope to see you there in Kentucky. I guess it's time to put pen on table and console myself with some of that left over Bar-B-Que ribs and chicken. Mmm, mmm good!

Thanks as always to my conscripted labor force of ; Cliff Smith, Brad Troyer, David Slade, Robert Ray and Don Hyfield. The G.O.B. Championships would not appear as smooth and effortless without them. I couldn't have hoped for a better group of helpers and friends.



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2008 Good Ole' Boys Match Scores:

PCP Division
Name Red White Total Rifle Scope Pellet
Kevin Allen 57 54 111 USFT Leu Comp 35x JSB 10.2
Robert Ray 55 54 109 USFT Nikko 10-50 Cr Pr 10.5
Rick Thompson 54 54 108 Theoben Van Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.2
Ken Hughes 53 55 108 AA Pro-Tgt NF 36x JSB 10.2
David Slade 53 53 106 Theoben MFR Bush 6-24 Kodiak
Roz Sumpter 52 52 104 Theoben MFR Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.2
Tommy Garland 48 55 103 P-70 Burris 8-32 Cr Pr 10.5
Walt Roller 52 51 103 AA Pro-Tgt Burris 8-32 Cr Pr 10.5
Rod Bradley 49 54 103 Walther Dom Nikko 10-50 JSB 7.9
Doug Vinson 49 53 102 AA Pro-Tgt NF 36x Cr Pr 10.5
Doug Miller 52 48 100 Steyr Nikko 10-50 Cr Pr 10.5
Jon Oswald 41 55 96 DS CRX MTC viper 8-32 Cr Pr 10.5
Ray Apelles 47 48 95 Cros Discovery Bush 8-32 Cr Pr 7.9
Vipha Miller 44 49 93 P-70 Leu Comp 35x Cr Pr 10.5
Brad Troyer 47 45 92 NJR 100 Leup 36x JSB 7.9
Hans Apelles 45 43 88 Cros Discovery Bush 8-32 Cr Pr 7.9
Kevin Itterly 33 44 77 Theoben MFR Bush 8-32 Cr Pr 10.5
Tom Itterly 36 40 76 Steyr Nikko 10-50 Cr Pr 10.5
Don Hyfield 37 39 76 AA Pro-Tgt Bush 8-32 Cr Pr 10.5
Richard Nowak 22 28 50 NJR 100 NF 36x Barracuda
Dottie Berry 27 dns dnf DayState Bush 8-32 Kodiak


Piston Division
Name Red White Total Rifle Scope Pellet
Harold Rushton 43 49 92 JW-65 Bush 8-32x40 JSB 7.9
Bill Greene 43 43 86 TX-200 Bush 8-32x40 Cr Pr 7.9
Cliff Smith 28 29 57 TX-200 Bush 8-32x40 JSB 8.4
Jim Sarnacki 29 27 56 TX-200  SR Leup 6.5-20 Cr Pr 7.9
Steve Vines 13 20 33 TX-200 JSB 8.4


Hunter Division
Name Red White Total Rifle Scope Pellet
Scott Thome 47 44 91 AA-400 MTC Viper 6-24 JSB 10.2
Nikolai Thome 35 31 66 AA-200 MTC Viper 6-24 JSB 10.2
John Blount 25 27 52 AA-410 JSB 10.2
Pat O'Brien 19 27 46 AA-400 Nikko 10-50 Cr Pr 10.5